Giving Back — What We Do

Giving Back — What We Do

Little Bay Root has a long history of helping communities that we connect with.
LBR is a company of two. It's me, the owner, and Brenden, who helps make this happen every day. Finding what we support is a simple consensus. From neighborhood cleanups along our neighborhood's Alberta Street and beach cleanups along the Oregon Coast, to taking shifts at Oregon Food Bank. We've volunteered at the Doggie Dash, of course. My husband Michael heard that down coats were $15 at a local closeout center and he bought them all and donated them to Portland Rescue Mission. We participate in what is important to us. We do and givewhat we can every day.

We donate tees and other useful items to Morrison Child and Family Services for families in need of fresh duds as they start a new life. 

We gave away two full racks of clothing to shoppers and vendors at the end of last years America’s Largest Christmas Bazaar at Portland's Expo Center.

We gave a mess of Explore Oregon hats to my friend Marie and her little group of do-gooders just to make sure their heads were covered for caroling this season (cuties in photo above). 

Giving doesn't have to be a tax-write off or a financial burden.
My point is not to list all the little things we do every day. My point is to tell you that it is the little things we do EVERY day that give us purpose.

Giving, for me is special. Every day, I try to give by making people laugh. Thats the simplest level of giving. Giving someone a smile makes everyone feel good. I find that giving of my time, LBR goods, all trades a the same level. That level is humanity.

Just do something good every day, it'll come back to you.
Remember, same goes for the opposite.


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