Sasquatch 2020 | Administration lineup

There's more than just those two apes running for president. This ape the will keep his hands (and feet) to himself. It's time to return to what we know is true...something we can believe in, Sasquatch 2020!

The Bigfoot 2020 cabinet is coming together quickly as the race heats up and we solidify our resolve to run against these two Neanderthals.

Peace Out with your Squatch Out!

White House Chief of Staff
Yeti (of course)
Department of Transportation
Mark Lincoln VIII (might be big enough for me)
Department of Defense
Oscar Knight (available 364 days/year)
Department of Energy
Maura Fischent (let's hope)
NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
Ray Nonenoff (finger's crossed, no showers)
Dept. of Arts & Education
Matt Finish (personal preference)
Department of Education
Clara Fied (because we need to know)
Dept. of Pandemic Food Distribution
Sue Pinnepot, Eddie Mamé and Eatton Goode (it's going to take a team)
Corona Virus Task Force

Tara Fied and Cara Lott (yin/yang thing going on here)
Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
Armond Alegh and Rue Fleek (cuz you're going to need $)
Dept. of Health and Human Services
Kay Sworker (great customer service)
Fair Elections Commission
Jerry Mander and Lou Poles (We're going to need both)
Dept. of Justice
Dick Tator (Law and order, bitches)
Dept. of Climate
Lou Quarm (not to hot, not too cold)
Department of Deep State
Phil Tration (shhh)
Department of the Treasury
Mark Down (current price trend of the $...)
Department of the Interior
Bo Tramp, Patty O'dore and Sandy Bottom (places we love)
Department of Highways
Phil Hole (finally)
Department of Church/State
Evan Gelical, Glorie Fied (they were never separate)
Department of Commerce
Mick Sandmatch (one of these, one of those)
Department of Togetherness (after Pandemic)
Joy Ningus (Thank you for Joy Ningus!)

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