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The Main Misconceptions About Bigfoot

The Main Misconceptions About Bigfoot

Bigfoot is a species that’s world-renown. Many people have at least heard of bigfoot, and if you haven’t, we aren’t sure what planet you’re from. With that being said, do you really believe in bigfoot? Here at Little Bay Root, we do! Bigfoot is a way of life out here in Oregon, which is why we sell unbeatable and fashionably fun bigfoot t-shirts many fanatics love. If you haven't purchased yours, shop online with us today. But back to why we’re here today... did you know that there are many misconceptions about bigfoot?

That’s right, bigfoot has had some misconceptions started about him that may not be as elusive as you know. Here are the main myths about bigfoot that you should be aware of:

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Bigfoot can read your mind.

Ok, this is a misconception that’s just silly. There is no species in their right mind that can read the mind of another living creature. The myths were developed by individuals who have reported seeing bigfoot and ultimately making a connection with the animal. They have reported feeling that the animal could see into their “soul.”

Bigfoot only exists in Oregon and other Northwestern parts of the United States

Did you know that there is a main misconception that claims bigfoot only resides in the Northwestern part of the United States? This simply isn’t true. Bigfoot lives all around the United States, but is more popularly seen in the Northwestern part of the States. There are also other species of bigfoot, including the the yeti.

Bigfoot is a vegetarian.

As far as research is concerned, a bigfoot does not do well on a purely vegetarian diet. While their diet may consist of 30 percent of plant life, their main source of nutrition comes from animals. Researchers have reason to believe that bigfoot does the majority of their hunting during moonlit hours and that they may have extraordinary night vision in comparison to humans.

Bigfoot is a peaceful creature.

Although there have been many stories told that include bigfoot not doing much harm to anyone he sees, the creature is known to be violent. There have been multiple stories told that describe the beast as dangerous. People who have seen bigfoot have described him throwing rocks, growling, howling and doing anything in his right mind to intimidate them when all they were doing was harmlessly hiking through the woods. There have also been numerous attacks reported on cats and dogs.

Do you want to hear and learn more stories about bigfoot? We love bigfoot just as much as you! If you keep following our blog posts, we’ll be sure to tell you more interesting facts and stories all about bigfoot. In the meantime, go ahead and purchase a bigfoot t-shirt online with Little Bay Root today. We’re the #1 online store for Oregon and bigfoot apparel. Shop online with us today!

A Globetrotter’s Guide to Bigfoot

A Globetrotter’s Guide to Bigfoot

One of the coolest shirts we have in our online store is a new Bigfoot T-shirt that showcases the elusive creature’s aliases (or cousins?) from around the globe. This awesome shirt may be a novelty to some or a savvy guide to others. In either case, we felt inspired to share a little lore behind each of the shirt’s mugshots - because why not?

Identifying The International Sasquatch

While the concept of a tall, large-footed creature roaming the Oregon hills may seem silly to some (okay, most) people, we fortunate few know that the creature isn’t new or exclusive to Oregon—or the United States, for that matter. So, the next time you’re in the Australian Outback, the tundras of Nepal, or the island shores of Sumatra, you’ll know the proper (politically correct) name to address any Sasquatch you encounter.

Orang Pendek, Indonesia

The name Orang Pendek roughly means short or little person in Indonesian. Quite different from the hulking Bigfoot of Northwestern America, this creature only stands 5 feet tall, though most are said to be even smaller. In fact, the largest connection it shares to our elusive furry friend is just that - a thick, ape-like fur and highly skittish nature.

While native to Sumatra in Indonesia, you are unlikely to encounter it largely due to the difficult terrain and general inaccessibility of its native region. There is a large amount of credence given to the Orang Pendek, however, as long-standing native tribes resolutely claim general cohabitation with the creatures deep within the island’s forests. Other accounts come from Dutch colonialists that wrote (to some large extent) about meeting the creatures.

Yeti/Abominable Snowman, Himalayas

The Yeti is an interesting legend and considered something akin to the polar bear version of our Sasquatch. The Yeti is actually so well documented, that it is known by upwards of a dozen different names meaning everything from “snow man” to “man-bear.” 

Because the Yeti hails from one of the least populated, yet oldest, areas of civilization in the world - the Himalayan Mountains - it has documented accounts, encounters, and oral mythology that date back hundreds of years. While skeptics site bears and monkeys and the low visibility of the mountains as potential explanations, there have been numerous physical specimens that could indicate there is a close relation to an ancient, bipedal bear living deep in these mountains.

Wendigo, Northeastern United States

The Wendigo, unlike many of the alleged Sasquatch relatives, is not a friendly creature. In fact, the Wendigo’s is typically perceived as evil. The Algonquian Tribe claimed it had cannibalistic instincts, insatiable greed, and murderous intent. With this in mind, we recommend that if you encounter a Wendigo, you should hightail it out of there.

To make matters all the more terrifying, the Wendigo is differentiated from its North American cousin by large antlers or horns and a pointed yellow tongue. Yet two more reasons to avoid this creature.


This eerily similar Bigfoot cousin is said to dwell in the Northeastern United States and as far away as the Australian Outback. Standing between 7- and 12-feet tall, the Yowie also boasts far larger-than-human feet and is notoriously evasive. Yowie accounts number in the hundreds, some modern sightings and feature video, add credence to both the Yowie and its Sasquatchian cousin across the ocean. Mirroring the fascination and discovery attempts we see here in Oregon regularly, there are numerous dedicated Yowie hunters that attempt to find the creatures once and for all.

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Nothing sparks the imagination or spirit of discovery like a dive into the Sasquatch culture. That is exactly why you need to pick up this awesome Bigfoot T-Shirt. After all, those of us that believe in Bigfoot are known for our acceptance of all Sasquatch-kind, regardless of where they hang their (probably enormous) hats.

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Who Spotted Bigfoot First?

Who Spotted Bigfoot First?

Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Yeti. Skunk Ape. They’re all the same! We're talking about that reclusive ape-like creature that is said to roam the forests of the Pacific Northwest, not to mention many other parts of the world.

Our obsession with Bigfoot has lead us to do a lot of studying and wondering. Here's one of our favorite bits of trivia on the beloved, bipedal man beast. Read this and you’ll be ready to identify your fave Bigfoot T-shirt in no time. Happy hunting.

Fact: the oldest account of Bigfoot was recorded in 986 AD by Leif Ericson and his army

Leif Ericson was an Icelandic explorer said to have discovered North America before Christopher Columbus. According to ancient sagas of his people, Ericson established a settlement in Vinland which later became the country we know today as Canada.

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Leif Sees the Squatch

Leif and his men were on their very first expedition in the New World when he recorded this description: “Horrible ugly, hairy, swarthy and with great black eyes.” It is believed that this segment from his records describes a terrifying encounter with Bigfoot. But that was just the first sighting! Leif later recorded “seeing huge hairy men who towered over my men and me.” Also stated in his journal: “ the beast lived in the woods and had a rank odor and a deafening shriek.”

Skellring aka Bigfoot

Back in 986 AD, Leif and his men called the creature Skellring. Today, the creature is most commonly known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti. According to Sasquatch Chronicles, “the Norse word Skellring is a term of contempt and means, roughly, a ‘barbarian.’” History has shown that the Norsemen had particularly hairy beards and matted hair. Did they call Bigfoot Skellring because the strange creatures were hairier than the Norsemen? Hipsters and their facial hair!

Open to Interpretation

Do you think Bigfoot exists? If so, we’d love to hear about it! Let’s start a conversation. Purchase a Bigfoot t-shirt, show your support and do some research. The mythical creature offers plenty of stories and sightings. In the meantime, stay tuned for future blog posts and catch up about the most popular Bigfoot sightings while you’re here. Questions? Call 503.719.6302.

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Top 10 Famous Bigfoot Sightings

Top 10 Famous Bigfoot Sightings

Bigfoot is a mythical humanoid that many people believe is real. Just like with every theory, there are those who don’t believe in Bigfoot, too; after all, there is no real proof; is there? Because we love Bigfoot (we sell Bigfoot t-shirts because we love the creature so much), we’re going to share the top 10 most famous sightings of Bigfoot that might actually make you change your beliefs on the theory. Let’s start from the top:

10. Lettuce Lake Park, Florida (2015)

This incredibly real sighting of Bigfoot was recorded back in 2015 and submitted to Bigfoot Evidence. The submitter of this video was on his way home from canoeing in the swamps of Lettuce Lake Park. Matt thought he had first seen a bear that was making its way towards him through the wetlands. Because he thought it was a bear, he hightailed it out of the swamp and only realized what he had experienced was bigger than just a bear sighting; it was a Bigfoot sighting.

9. Ketchikan Sasquatch in Alaska (2011)

The description of the YouTube video that was uploaded back in 2011 says it all, “I was on a logging road in Ketchikan hiking with my friend when I saw it! Boy did my heart start racing!! It was about 40 yards from the road! Not sure if it knew I was there or not, because the noise of flowing water from the stream. It seemed to travel fast. You see it jump and after that point, it just seems to disappear.

“We went to search for tracks but the river bed where we thought it was walking was full of perfect skipping rocks, we found no prints! If there is a BigFoot, Sasquatch, or Kushtaka I swear I saw him!”

8. Bigfoot Helicopter Hunt (2011)

While target shooting out in the foothills, this family was being annoyed by a helicopter overhead nearly all day. Towards the end of their target practice and after reviewing the film they had taken earlier, they noticed a large figure run across the top right side of the video. After reviewing, the only explanation they could come up with is Bigfoot running through the trees. Watch the video for yourself and assume what you want. Just keep into consideration how tall and thick the bush was; a human couldn’t possibly take as big as strides as what was seen from a distance.

7. Sledding in Utah With Bigfoot (2011)

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While recording his kiddos sledding down a snow-layer slope in Utah, this dad captured a lot more than what he intended. Here’s what the YouTube user johnny11 had to say: “I took my kids and their friends hiking and sledding high up in the Utah Mountains. A few weeks later as I was watching the video clips, I spotted three different cases with unexplained creatures that appeared to be a family of Sasquatch. In the first clip, a Bigfoot is seen walking away into the trees. The second clip shows a different Bigfoot watching us and then disappearing. The third clip appears to be another Bigfoot struggling to get away. We returned to the hills to look for prints, but the snow had melted.”

6. Tatra Mountains Yeti (2009)

Even Poland natives have the suspicion and belief of the mythical Yeti. While hiking through the Tatra Mountain range in Poland, two friends said they stumbled across what they believe is a Yeti. Take a look at the video yourself. Even though the video is shaky, it’ll still make you ponder about this type of humanoid.

5. Prince Edward Island Sasquatch (2005)

Although many individuals believe this video is a hoax, the students who shot this video say otherwise. While shooting a movie for a school project, the two men captured a Sasquatch emerging from the forest in the opposite direction at high-speed. Bigfoot researchers took a look at the film and estimated the ape-like creature to be running at 25-30 mph.

4. Marble Mountain Bigfoot (2000)

A group of backpackers swore they had a Bigfoot encounter back in 2000 in the Klamath Mountains of California. The group was made up of 15 individuals who found a den made up of dead trees and branches that had been torn from the roots and snapped in half. This is the longest film ever of Bigfoot and it shows Bigfoot walking down the ridgeline of a peak for about three minutes.

3. Memorial Day Bigfoot (1996)

Over Memorial Day weekend in 1996, Lori Pate in Washington filmed, what looks to be, Bigfoot. During a hike, both Lori and her husband Owen started to hear loud animal noises coming from the forest beside them. The noises were unlike anything they had ever heard. They were vocalizations echoing from the forest. After a few minutes of listening, they tried to get all they could on film and spotted a large, hairy creature running through an open, grassy area to make its way to the other side of the forest. After further analysis of the video, cryptozoologists agreed the creature had an infant on its back. Was this a mother Bigfoot and her child? You decide for yourself.

2. Blue Mountains Bigfoot Family (1994)

Used as evidence at Idaho State University of the existence of the mythical creature, Bigfoot, these footprints are some that are undeniable. Anthropologists made plaster-cast molds of the footprints found in the Blue Mountains of Washington as pure evidence of this man’s Bigfoot encounter. In the video, you’ll notice not only several footprints, but a bigfoot sighting in the deep woods of the film.

1. Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Footage (1967)

This is the video that started it all - the Patterson and Gimlin footage from 1967. On October 20th, 1967, Bigfoot hunters, Robert Gimlin and Roger Patterson, were enjoying a nice day riding their horses on a trail in the Buff Creek area in California. They were out there to research recent Bigfoot reports when they themselves came across a Bigfoot. While crossing over an overturned tree, approximately 120 feet away and walking along a creek bed, there was the very creature they had been searching long and hard for: Bigfoot.

Are you a believer? If so, be sure to tell the world by purchasing a Bigfoot t-shirt online from Little Bay Root.

Where Does Bigfoot Live?

Where Does Bigfoot Live?

Is Bigfoot one of America’s top searched animals...humans...primates? What is Bigfoot? Bigfoot, as stated by Wikipedia, is a simian, ape, or hominid-like creature that is said to inhabit forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest. Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid. We hope that answers your question. So, where is Bigfoot? When you wear your Bigfoot t-shirt, you want to know everything about this creature, or at least you should. Let’s get started with the simple question and answer session: Where does Bigfoot live?

Whereabout is Bigfoot?

As stated in Wikipedia and by many other references, Bigfoot is said to inhabit forests mainly in the Pacific Northwest region. This means Oregon is a place Bigfoot, most often, calls home. In fact, when looking at the sightings of Bigfoot that have been reported, about a third of all sightings have all came from areas, including Northern California; British Columbia, California; Washington; and Oregon. Additionally, Bigfoot is also said to have relatives, including the Yeti, the Almas, the Yeren and the Yowie.

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Bigfoot Sightings

Bigfoot has been sighted thousands of times; however, we are sure there are more. Why? Because Bigfoot is known as a “mythical” creature and there is no real “proof” Bigfoot exists, many individuals who have encountered Bigfoot have kept their sighting to themselves rather than speak out about the experience. Regardless, Bigfoot reports have been revealing some interesting facts about where it calls home, home. Generally, most sightings of Bigfoot have multiple rural features in common, such as sightings in areas that have an annual rainfall in excess of 20 inches, low human populated areas and in areas where bears also call home, home. Often, though, bears are said to make up 70 to 80 percent of “Bigfoot” sightings.

Welcome to Bigfoot’s Home

Throughout many areas which have been identified as a highly populated area by Bigfoot because of sightings have found many forms of shelter that don’t have an explanation other than, “It must be Bigfoot’s!” These structures are mostly nest-type formations which consist of plenty of branches and sticks with a soft lining of moss. Researchers believe these homes are where Bigfoot sleeps or rests.

Where do you think Bigfoot lives?

If you are like many individuals out there, you have probably developed your own idea about Bigfoot and either believes in it or not. Regardless, owning a Bigfoot t-shirt is a great way to support the theory and mystical creature. Get the word out there that Bigfoot exists and if you’ve experienced a sighting, share it! The more evidence there is, the better researches will have a fighting chance to spot the mythical creature once and for all. Shop for your Bigfoot t-shirt online now with Little Bay Root, Oregon's leading online apparel retailer.