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Cowboy Candy. We can pickle that!

Cowboy Candy. We can pickle that!

Around this time of year when we begin to dig in the yard, trim the trees and clean up the aftermath of a long winter, we start to plan our vegetable garden. Michael, in his hoarder-esque style, likes to plan for a million to two-million tomato plants. It's my job to fill the space before he goes whole-hog at some nursery with several of each variety of heirlooms, early girls, cherry and plum tomatoes. There's only so much we can do with so many tomatoes ripening at once. It also happens to be the time our neighbors are also trying to dump their tomato overages on to us.

So, I have picked up several pepper plants that tend to ripen and produce at a steadier and slower pace. I can use the peppers as they ripen in salads or recipes, but my favorite thing to do is make Cowboy Candy, not only for myself, but as little gifts for the holidays. They are the perfect home-made gift for just about anyone. The "candy" is the part that makes these palatable for anyone, the sugar really balances these little hotties out.

What the heck do you do with them? We have them as a topper on cheese and crackers. Some people use cream cheese on the crackers instead. I have used them in recipes and just tossed on a salad.

Let's hope this weeks weather indicates a great growing season!

My recipe? Not mine at all. Who's is? Check out my inspiration recipe here. We have altered the recipe twice just for kicks. Once we added a stick of cinnamon to each jar and another time we added a chunk of nutmeg. Just because it looked nice in the jar.

Try it out sometime if you have a hoarder in your family!


Beards ARE Big Here | Campfire Cologne

When I first moved to Oregon, I couldn't decide whether Oregon was ahead of the trend with facial hair, or just WAY behind. I have never seen so many porn-staches and unruly crumb-catchers in my life. Well, it turns out, after many years of living here, the answer was neither. Oregon loves facial hair no matter the decade. Portland has hosted the "World Beard and Mustache Championship" for several years now, proving that "Beards are Big Here".

This fella, who definitely has a beard and may actually live in my neighborhood starred in a couple hilarious videos and represented a brand called "Respect the Beard (RTB)" and sold little wooden matchboxes that contained "Campfire Cologne". It's too bad that it looks like he's not making this stuff any more. What is campfire cologne? Just watch. 

Campfire Cologne - Office from Fort Ripper on Vimeo.