The Main Misconceptions About Bigfoot

Four Popular Misconceptions About Bigfoot


1. Bigfoot can read your mind.

Ok, this is a misconception that’s just silly. There is no species in their right mind that can read the mind of another living creature. The myths were developed by individuals who have reported seeing bigfoot and ultimately making a connection with the animal. They have reported feeling that the animal could see into their “soul.”

2. Bigfoot only exists in Oregon and other Northwestern parts of the United States

Did you know that there is a main misconception that claims bigfoot only resides in the Northwestern part of the United States? This simply isn’t true. Bigfoot lives all around the United States, but is more popularly seen in the Northwestern part of the States. There are also other species of bigfoot, including the the yeti.

3. Bigfoot is a vegetarian.

As far as research is concerned, a bigfoot does not do well on a purely vegetarian diet. While their diet may consist of 30 percent of plant life, their main source of nutrition comes from animals. Researchers have reason to believe that bigfoot does the majority of their hunting during moonlit hours and that they may have extraordinary night vision in comparison to humans.

4. Bigfoot is a peaceful creature.

Although there have been many stories told that include bigfoot not doing much harm to anyone he sees, the creature is known to be violent. There have been multiple stories told that describe the beast as dangerous. People who have seen bigfoot have described him throwing rocks, growling, howling and doing anything in his right mind to intimidate them when all they were doing was harmlessly hiking through the woods. There have also been numerous attacks reported on cats and dogs.

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That’s right, bigfoot has had some misconceptions started about him that may not be as elusive as you know. Here are the main myths about bigfoot that you should be aware of:

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