2018 Oregon Bigfoot Festival

2018 Oregon Bigfoot Festival

Muscular build, dark-brown hairy body, and an ape-like bipedal creature roaming the Pacific Northwest characterizes the world’s famous wild man. While Bigfoot has been documented, photographed, and extensively written about, Oregon’s Bigfoot festival pulls back the curtain on a surprising world that many wouldn’t associate with this famous great ape. Don’t miss the chance to see colorful renditions of the Sasquatch dotted with the love of outdoors, local community support and a presentation by Bigfoot researcher Cliff Barackman! Troutdale’s Glen Otto Park opens an unseen and unexpected degree of excitement to a legend that’s not particularly known for its social skills. Here are three reasons to head to this celebration of mystery and legend.

Festival Fun!
On August 18th, just outside of Portland in the city of Troutdale, the Glen Otto Park will host its 2nd annual Bigfoot celebration, an iconic nod to the Pacific Northwest’s heritage. This event celebrates the Pacific Northwest’s love affair with Bigfoot, who was first described and nicknamed in the 1830’s, opening a mysterious world of sightings, attacks, and hoaxes for almost two centuries. A suggested donation of $5 for adults and $2 for kids at entry to the Glen Otto park offers you a day at the beautiful river-front park, filled with playful exhibits, carnival style games and attractions, merchandise vendors and a number of food carts. You’ll find us at the Little Bay Root booth offering tees, hats, patches and pins for sale, such as our “Squatch Out” t-shirt, to commemorate this cultural experience.

A Perfect Backdrop: The Glen Otto Community Park.
Discover Bigfoot among friends and family in the beautiful outdoor wonderland of Glen Otto Park. The Sandy River floats through 6-acres of beautiful park grounds as kayakers and swimmers explore the best open beach within Troutdale’s park system. Just west of the park, opposite of the Sandy River, Beaver Creek enchants generations of swimmers and families indulging in the mainstem springs, picnic area, and outdoor beauty. Year-round, the park offers riverfront access, a children’s playground area and a meeting hall, while warm summer days offer a swimming beach with lifeguard on duty. Shade the sun with a LBR Sasquatch Preservation Society trucker hat!

Become a Bigfoot expert at the Cliff Barackman Conference.
For $35 a ticket, fans, followers, and faultfinders will flock to a conference held by celebrity and Bigfoot Researcher, Cliff Barackman as he presents his knowledge and research of Bigfoot. For over 2 decades, fully dedicated to his sasquatch field research, Cliff has gathered data supporting the hypothesis that an unidentified species of a great ape lives in North America. While much of his research has gained him notoriety in the Bigfoot community, his journey to finding Bigfoot has led him to be featured in several television series, including the History Channel’s “Monsterquest” and Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot”.  Often called upon for commentary on the sasquatch, he has admitted to many lies and falsifications of Bigfoot sightings over the years, including the infamous Georgia Bigfoot Hoax of 2008. Cliff is one of the world’s most dedicated researchers on the topic, with a sizable following, current findings that makes him undeniably the best host to a Bigfoot summer celebration. Proudly share your knowledge of Bigfoot to your friends with a LBR Globetrotter’s Guide to Bigfoot t-shirt!


  • olivia

    it seems to be a very good festival ! thanks for this article !

    xoxo, oliv.

  • Linda Christensen

    I have had several experiences with Big Foot myself…The first encounter with my Dad …In Northern California as a kid..Then again Alpine Oregon in 2000..Then again at Hat Point in Central Oregon..And the last being in 2005 in Eastern Oregon…I would like to find someone to go on an expidition, at low or no cost..To hopefully c one or some kind of contact…

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