Where Does Bigfoot Live?

Bigfoot -

Where Does Bigfoot Live?

Is Bigfoot one of America’s top searched animals...humans...primates? What is Bigfoot? Bigfoot, as stated by Wikipedia, is a simian, ape, or hominid-like creature that is said to inhabit forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest. Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid. We hope that answers your question. So, where is Bigfoot? When you wear your Bigfoot t-shirt, you want to know everything about this creature, or at least you should. Let’s get started with the simple question and answer session: Where does Bigfoot live?

Whereabout is Bigfoot?

As stated in Wikipedia and by many other references, Bigfoot is said to inhabit forests mainly in the Pacific Northwest region. This means Oregon is a place Bigfoot, most often, calls home. In fact, when looking at the sightings of Bigfoot that have been reported, about a third of all sightings have all came from areas, including Northern California; British Columbia, California; Washington; and Oregon. Additionally, Bigfoot is also said to have relatives, including the Yeti, the Almas, the Yeren and the Yowie.

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Bigfoot Sightings

Bigfoot has been sighted thousands of times; however, we are sure there are more. Why? Because Bigfoot is known as a “mythical” creature and there is no real “proof” Bigfoot exists, many individuals who have encountered Bigfoot have kept their sighting to themselves rather than speak out about the experience. Regardless, Bigfoot reports have been revealing some interesting facts about where it calls home, home. Generally, most sightings of Bigfoot have multiple rural features in common, such as sightings in areas that have an annual rainfall in excess of 20 inches, low human populated areas and in areas where bears also call home, home. Often, though, bears are said to make up 70 to 80 percent of “Bigfoot” sightings.

Welcome to Bigfoot’s Home

Throughout many areas which have been identified as a highly populated area by Bigfoot because of sightings have found many forms of shelter that don’t have an explanation other than, “It must be Bigfoot’s!” These structures are mostly nest-type formations which consist of plenty of branches and sticks with a soft lining of moss. Researchers believe these homes are where Bigfoot sleeps or rests.

Where do you think Bigfoot lives?

If you are like many individuals out there, you have probably developed your own idea about Bigfoot and either believes in it or not. Regardless, owning a Bigfoot t-shirt is a great way to support the theory and mystical creature. Get the word out there that Bigfoot exists and if you’ve experienced a sighting, share it! The more evidence there is, the better researches will have a fighting chance to spot the mythical creature once and for all. Shop for your Bigfoot t-shirt online now with Little Bay Root, Oregon's leading online apparel retailer.

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