Paine’s Balsam Fir Incense Logs for Cabins | 15-Pack

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BALSAM LOGS FOR CABINS. Looking for the taller sticks?

These stubby logs are the perfect refill for our cabin incense burners.

After much sniffing around, we discovered this all-natural incense made from pure balsam branches. Its crisp, Christmas-fresh fragrance, so we brought it here to share.

No chemicals added; 100% natural and sustainable. Since 1931, the family-owned Paine company of Maine has produced incense the old-fashioned way. Local balsam branches are ground, dried and pressed into molds. The result is long-burning incense sticks that bring the scent of the forest into your home.

• Contains Fifteen (15) 1.25" logs 
• Fits small log cabins
• Made in the USA

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