Paine’s Red Cedar Incense Cones | 32-Pack

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Paine’s of Auburn, Maine, has been producing this beautiful smelling natural Red Cedar incense since 1930. A by-product of the local timber industry, Paine’s has been sweetening the air of American households for generations. When our hounds return from a heavy dew-soaked morning walk, or an unavoidable mid-afternoon summer shower, we inevitably turn to this warmly appreciated tonic for the senses. The sweet smell of fresh cut cedar planks can instantly transform any room into a sleepy log cabin far away from everything. Yes, even fragrant wet canines. Perfect for use in one of these iconic Log Cabin Incense Burners. - See more at:

Our Sasquatch-loving founder sniffed out this all-natural incense, crafted of timber shavings from Maine’s distant woodlands. Its sweet smell reminds us of fresh-cut cedar planks, crackling fires, sleepy log cabins…anyone know any camp songs?
No chemicals added; 100% natural and sustainable. Since 1931, the family-owned Paine company of Maine has produced incense the old-fashioned way. The result is long-burning incense sticks that bring the scent of the forest into your home.


• Contains 32 1.25" cones
• Includes holder for burning
• Made in the USA


Yes! Cones are compatible with our Log Cabin Incense Burner.

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