Sustainability Practices

At Little Bay Root, we are dedicated to working towards sustainable practices in the production of our products and warehouse operations. As for all that we do, here is a breakdown of the ways in which we hope to work in a more responsible, low-impact and environmentally conscious way.

The printing and branding of our products is all done locally, in Portland, OR. We work closely with a local print shop that takes every opportunity to recycle or repurpose and reduce waste by reducing tape usage, re-using inks, re-purposing byproduct and implementing a recycled rag program. The installation of solar panels, self-contained screen cleaning and reclamation machines ensures that the shop operates in an eco-friendly way and limits the amount of byproduct and toxic chemicals from harming the environment. 

As for packaging, LBR reuses every box and any packaging material it gets in to send out wholesale orders. We have recently decided to take strides towards being as plastic-free as possible by purchasing shipping materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, and/or made with reused materials. While we aren't perfect and still accrue a lot of plastic waste, in 2023 we are consciously attempting to move away from such practices, and take our plastic waste to recycle centers. 

Finally, LBR's studio and operating space is a LEED Gold sustainable building with geo-thermal heating and cooling. We have no utility bills, it's all generated by the building! Additionally, we have solar panels installed on our rooftop too!

At Little Bay Root, being intentional about sustainability is an ultimate goal. Operating a workplace through the lens of being ethical and earth-conscious is our responsibility as a company. In any way that we can, we are dedicated to making tactical decisions towards sustainability.