Wholesale FAQs

Welcome to Oregon's best-selling t-shirt & souvenir line.

At LBR, we don’t pump out gift-shop trifles that travelers regret the moment they unpack. We deliver locally made, high-quality, ridiculously comfy shirts and fun accessories. These are products friends and family back home fight over.

Little Bay Root comes backed with a 15-year-strong, proven and tested, salable line. Every boutique-quality garment is designed and printed locally—and that’s why customers love us. More important, you’ll love us for our 95% in-stock level and ability to ship immediately.

What’s your minimum order?
We require our retailers to meet a minimum dollar amount of $250 per order and/or re-order. Our goal is to help you plan smarter, larger buys for a longer-selling period! *Tip: if your order is slightly below the minimum, consider adding embroidered patches. They’re very popular and take up very little retail space.

Do you offer payment terms?
Yes, we do! All orders will enjoy sweet 30-day terms. However, we require payment on open invoices before shipping additional orders.

When should I expect to receive my order?
Orders typically ship next-day. No kidding. We use USPS Priority Mail as it has proven most cost-effective for us time and time again. If you need your deliveries via UPS, please let us know. Packages should take no longer than 1-3 days to reach our local customers. Placing an order on Monday should all but guarantee having items to sell for the weekend.

What are your best sellers?
Great question! It differs a little from region to region. We have data that can provide all the answers. We’d be happy to help customize your order with items that best work for you. No guessing games here. We want you to start strong. e-mail us!  

How do I pay my invoice?
We do not accept payment through our wholesale site. After your order is packed and shipped, we will send you an invoice that can be paid online by CC or Paypal or you can pay by check. If you don’t happen to have your electronic invoice, e-mail us and we’ll send it right over. Sorry, for account security, we can’t accept payment over the phone.

Do you have Will-Call?
Not at this time.


    Wholesale Customers should NEVER enter their credit card # when checking out. Instead, use the "NET ORDERS CHECKOUT" to receive terms. Entering your CC # will place a hold on your card for the order amount for about a week. We cannot release that hold.

  • Wholesale customers are not permitted to use secondary discounts (sms/abandon cart/new customer/free shipping, etc). If, by chance a discount is applied, it will be removed upon order processing.

  • Sale page is designated for retail customers only. These are misprints, discontinues and broken sizing. We cannot offer these products wholesale.

  • Monthly wholesale offers may be offered through email. You can let us know in notes section of net checkout if you would like to take advantage of the monthly offer.

Thank you for being great customers over all these years, 12 of them so far!

Why didn’t you answer my question?
It’s not too late friend:  e-mail us.