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Bend Bend | Embroidered Iron-on Patch

Bend Bend | Embroidered Iron-on Patch

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Embrace the stunning beauty of Bend, Oregon - where deep blues meet pristine lakes and evergreens. Discover your Bend-mode with our embroidered iron-on patch.

Introducing the Bend Bend Embroidered Iron-on Patch, a must-have accessory for those seeking to showcase their love for the stunning natural beauty of Bend, Oregon. Inspired by the deep blues of pristine lakes and contrasting against the backdrop of deep evergreens and sagebrush, this patch captures the essence of this magnificent region in sparkling metallic threads. From exploring the mighty Deschutes river to indulging in local breweries or enjoying a game of golf amidst breathtaking scenery, from skiing down snowy slopes to fishing in crystal clear waters or hiking through scenic trails - there is no shortage of adventure in this nature-lover's paradise! Pay homage to Squatching expeditions and Oregons high desert as you embark on your journey with our meticulously crafted embroidered patch featuring intricate metallic threads.

  • Enhance your style with a Bend-inspired embroidered patch featuring high desert colors
  • Capture the essence of Bend-mode in your travels through Oregons high desert
  • Add a touch of adventure to any trip with an Oregon Cascades-themed embroidered patch, showcasing metallic threads and a heat-applied adhesive backing for easy application

• Embroidered patch
• 4” W x 1.25” H
• Heat-applied adhesive backing
• A Little Bay Root original design

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