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Little Bay Root is proud to offer this unique raw honey from our very own licensed apiary located in the backyard of our Portland, Oregon home. We work as collective with other urban beekeepers to raise healthy honeybee colonies. Selecting bee-friendly plants and using alternatives to neonicotinoid pesticides improves the health of native pollinators.

About crystalized honey:
Your honey may start to crystallize over time. This is completely natural and signifies its purity and high quality. It means nutritious pollen and important enzymes have not be filtered out or damaged by pasteurization. Crystallization usually occurs from the bottom up or around the edges at the top. If you like the crystallized honey, enjoy!

How to make your honey smooth again: Gently heat it...but not in the microwave. The microwave will destroy your favorite enzymes antioxidants and medicinal properties. Instead, place your jar in a bowl of hot water (no more than 110 degrees) and gently allow it to heat up. You can do this over and over as honey properly stored can last forever. Fun fact? Honey has even been found in stone jars in one of the Egyptian pyramids, thousands of years old.

Choose “crystalized” if you prefer your honey partially crystalized. A lot of parents tell us it’s less mess with the kids! 

1 pint raw honey.

*Ships only to OR and WA.

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