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Pacific Wonderland Vintage | Chunky-Knit Beanie

Pacific Wonderland Vintage | Chunky-Knit Beanie

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The Northwest can get chilly! Keep your noggin warm with our Chunky Knit Pacific Wonderland beanie…you’ll love the green marl color!

Transport yourself back to the groovy era of the late 1960s, when Oregon introduced their iconic “Pacific Wonderland” license plate. When the chilly winds blow through Oregon's forests, and and you want to stay cozy without sacrificing your fashion game, our chunky-knit forest green marl beanie has got you covered (quite literally!). Designed right here in Oregon, it exudes local pride while keeping your noggin warm and snug. And let me tell you about the pièce de résistance - that direct-embroidered patch! It adds a seamless touch of sophistication to your outdoor look, instantly elevating it from ordinary to extraordinary. Crafted from 100% acrylic material, this beanie is as durable as it is stylish - built for adventures and ready for anything! Whether you're embarking on an exciting expedition into nature or simply running errands around town looking effortlessly fabulous, this versatile beanie will have all eyes on you. The 12-inch-long long turn cuff provides adjustable coverage, so you can customize your look at any given moment. Plus (and here comes another fun fact), by purchasing this exclusive LBR original design, you'll also support an incredible micro-company based right here in Oregon – talk about good vibes all around! Step into the Pacific Wonderland legacy today with our forest green marl knit beanie.

Forest Green Marl.

  • Stay warm and stylish during chilly Oregon winters with our one-of-a-kind knit beanie designed here in Oregon
  • The direct-embroidered patch adds a touch of seamless sophistication to your outdoor look
  • This 100% acrylic beanie is durable and long lasting
  • Perfect for exploring the great outdoors or running errands around town, this beanie will keep you cozy all day long
  • 12-inch long turn cuff beanie provides adjustable coverage
  • One size fits most
  • An LBR original design, and supports an Oregon micro-company of two



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