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    Sunday Parkways 2017

    Sunday Parkways 2017

    In 2016, 73,600 participants walked, biked, rolled and enjoyed Sunday Parkways. Find your neighborhood and participate. You don't have to ride a bike, you can walk, roller-blade or pogo-stick to the end. But the streets are closed off, there are crossing guards and tons of activities at planned stops and rest areas. Saved ice and snacks!

    Find your neighborhood route here!

    Sunday Parkways, presented by Kaiser Permanente, is not about closing streets but opening them connecting neighborhoods across the city. Our streets and public spaces draw people to visit local businesses, interact with neighbors, connect with their community and city, while building physical activity into their daily lives. Sunday Parkways is one of the longest running and well-managed Open Streets programs in the United States.

    The long-term transportation, health, and community benefits of Sunday Parkways are a critical part of this program. These successful events help people discover just how fun it is to walk, bike, roll, and be physically active. This encourages people to build more activity into their daily lives and to consider transit options. Lowering reliance on a traditional car-dominated lifestyle not only helps lower the city’s greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks, but also assists in helping residents and visitors become aware of and choose healthier means of travel.

    Sunday Parkways shows off Portland’s premier family-friendly bicycle routes called Neighborhood Greenways. The events are anchored by Portland’s beautiful parks on these seven- to nine-mile routes with no start or end.

    Mississippi Street Fair 2017

    Mississippi Street Fair 2017

    The biggest street fair of the year is coming up and we will be there for our 8th straight year. Join us and 30,000 other visitors to find out what all the fuss is about. Enjoy some good weather, music, a drink or two and shop hundreds of local craftsman.

    We'll have a ton of $10 sale tees and all of our best-sellers too!

    Saturday July 8th, 2017 from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm.

    Fair Beneficiary: Boise Business Youth Unity Project – Fosterinq a stronqer & community throuqh internships for teens

    In 2005, a handful of small business owners got together with the aim of fostering inclusivity and neighborhood livability by helping teenagers gain entry into the work world through internships and job shadowing experience. The project that was established — Boise Business and Youth Unity Project (BBYUP pronounced Buy-Up) — connects business and youth in a positive way through summer internships.

    Crafty Wonderland Spring Show!

    Crafty Wonderland Spring Show!

    Amazing handmade goods from over 225 talented vendors!

    If you missed us at the Portland Night Market last week, join us at Crafty Wonderland. We're bringing two huge racks of sale $10 tees just in time for Father's Day. We'll have our hats and new Spring line as well. Come on down!


    It's that time of year again! Mark your calendars because on Saturday, May 20th Crafty Wonderland will fill a 60,000 sq. ft. hall at the Convention Center with over 225 of the best and brightest handmade vendors from the NW and beyond! We are excited to showcase such an amazing assortment to talent!


    • GOODIE BAGS to the first 200 people through the doors.
    • CRAFT YOUR OWN DRAWSTRING CANVAS BACKPACK in the DIY AREA by stamping, stenciling and drawing on blank bags provided by our friends from COLLAGE! It's FUN and FREE!
    • MAKE A SPRING + SUMMER BANNER with creative reuse materials for free - sponsored by the folks from SCRAP!
    • Meet artist SUSIE GHAHREMANI and get a signed copy of HER NEW BOOK Stack the Cats in the Land / buyolympia booth #1 from 12:00-3:00!

    More details
    Vendor list


    — Brian and Brenden

    We Put Panels Where the Sun Shines

    We Put Panels Where the Sun Shines


    Check out Little Bay Root's energy production

    Solar farms may not be a common sight around Oregon, but look close and you’ll spot those sun-gathering panels shining on roofs in Portland, Salem, all over the state.

    I finally saw the light when I noticed that our partner, Oregon Screen Impressions, transformed its huge, flat roof into a sea of solar panels. What a smart way to offset a big chunk of their energy costs!

    The process was easy.

    Energy Trust of Oregon helped us get multiple bids and presentations from a few companies. Each group offered different options, including financing, battery back-ups, and arrays of panels that physically look or behave differently. It gets pretty technical with words like "micro inverters" being thrown around a lot.

    In the end, we selected Elemental Energy of Portland (keeping it local, as usual). They had all their ducks in a row and their response time to questions and concerns was almost immediate. They offered the same customer service LBR gives its customers, so the choice was obvious.

    The installers arrived (right on time!) during "Snowmageddon 2017" here in Portland. They were troopers and climbed our roof even on the coldest days to ensure that we would qualify for all 2016 rebates.

    The results are great.

    Unlike Oregon Screen Impression’s ample roof space, LBR could fit just 18 panels on our multi-level roof. But here's the amazing part: they've been in action for six weeks, and our electric bill already has been cut by a third! (And those were some dark, wet weeks, if you recall.)

    As a designer, I love monitoring these little graphics that change with your production level. For example, on the sunniest day in February, this is how we did:

    This infographic depicts just one day's production. Feb 13, 2017.
    You can see all of our stats on our energy production here.

    Installing solar panels is definitely a long-term investment. We opted to buy our system outright to start seeing returns immediately, but there are lots of financing options available.

    In addition, we have cut our natural gas usage and are heating more and more with electric heat. Who ever thought we'd go back to that? Overall, the benefits of solar power are giving this Oregon-loving company a very sunny attitude.


    The Top 5 Coolest Sights to See in Oregon

    The Top 5 Coolest Sights to See in Oregon

    Independent, intriguing, and so damn green—Oregon inspires us everywhere we look. Whether you’re hitting the road solo or showing off for out-of-town friends, here are a handful of the Beaver State’s must-see sights.

    1. Powell’s Books
    Make this book-lover’s mecca your starting point. Dubbed the “City of Books,” Powell’s SW 10th & Burnside headquarters calls itself the largest new and used bookstore in the world. It takes up an entire Portland city block and houses about one million books. Be sure to pick up the color-coded, room-by-room map. The in-house coffee shop let’s you browse through the books you find.

    2. Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
    One of Oregon’s natural wonders is just a 40-minute drive east of Portland. Meandering through the Cascade Mountains, the Columbia Gorge features a chorus line of 75 photo-worthy waterfalls. Multnomah Falls is the big mama at 620 feet high—also the most crowded with tourist. Trust us: a day hiking or biking in this Pacific Wonderland is a welcome break from the Portland bustle.

    3. Oregon Coast
    There are lots of beach towns along the Oregon Coast. But for the best scenery, history and seaside splashery, we suggest these two "shore" things:
    Cannon Beach. Browse the small shops on the town’s cute main street then stroll the beach to get up close and personal with historic Hay Stack Rock. Spy the massive rock’s nesting seabirds and explore its tide pools. Cool Instagram images lurk here.
    City of Astoria. Just 20 miles north of Cannon Beach lays historic Astoria. Perched on the mouth of the Columbia River, this famous rest stop of Lewis & Clark has undergone a huge urban revival of late. Hit one of the town’s great new brewpubs for lunch. Take the Riverwalk Trail for a car-free view of the city’s waterfront. Visit film locations from “The Goonies” and “Kindergarten Cop” movies for quality selfies.

      4. Crater Lake National Park
      Seeking more jaw-dropping views of nature? Head to Oregon’s (and America’s) deepest lake. An ancient mountain exploded like the Death Star to create this perfectly round, sapphire-blue body of water. Hike, camp and look for signs of Bigfoot, who is often sighted here in South-Central Oregon. You can stay in an historic lodge, too. May the camera be with you.

      5. Ashland
      All artsy with no fartsy, Ashland is an active little southern Oregon city that hosts festivals all year long. The big draw is the Oregon Shakespeare Festival held every winter. You can also catch film festivals in the spring, a classical music festival in summer and much more. There’s no better way to add instant drama to your Oregon travels.

          Visit any one of these hot spots and you’ll see why Oregon fuels so many creative minds. Welcome to our unique corner of the country!