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    The 2018 Oregon Bigfoot Festival

    The 2018 Oregon Bigfoot Festival

    It's this weekend, and if it's anything as big as last year, it'll be HUGE! We had so much fun seeing "our people", lol! Hope to see you all again this year. Our booth will have pint glasses, shot glasses, keychains, stickers, magnets, hats, and of course...all of our Bigfoot shirts, some for just $10!

    The second annual Oregon Bigfoot Festival will be held Saturday, August 18th 2018 at beautiful Glenn Otto Park in the wonderful city of Troutdale, Oregon. The festival hours are 10am-6pm. There is a $5 suggested donation admission for adults and $2 for kids 12 and under.

    Dougan Falls day trip

    Dougan Falls day trip

    With the heat we’ve been experiencing in the northwest the last couple of weeks, people are going to great lengths to keep cool. We’re one of the many northwesterners without air conditioning, so off we go to find some relief.

    A friend of mine suggested the Washougal River up in Washington has some great roadside turnouts where you can enjoy your own semi-private riverfront site. 

    So I pull up maps on my phone and follow the riverside road all the way up the Washougal river to Dougan Falls ....... our cooling station destination. It says it’s about an hour from our NE Portland home. Perfect! Should be less crowded, right?! Notice the 96 degrees in the corner. 96 ☀️ 

    Follow the route that says “55 minutes”, this one follows the river, where you can browse turnouts on the way up to the Falls.  Unfortunately, we took the “53 minute” route, and while we had a nice view of the Columbia for part of the way, that way missed almost all of the Washougal river. Shortly after passing a quite impressively sized park across from the Washougal River Road Hatchery facility where we could see people playing in the river, we arrived at the Falls.

    It was a surprise to find so many cars and people in this area.  It's a local hangout for sure. And when the heat is on, Northwesterners' hit the water! So we weren't alone at all, and because Siri took us over the Rockies to get there, we were almost out of gas.  We noticed everyone had their Washington Discover Pass on their windshields which we also had not planned for.  So, in order to alleviate the anxiety of running out of gas on a back country road and an expensive $100 fine for parking without a Discover Pass, we headed back down to Washougal to grab a pass at a Chevron and returned back up the river route to explore the many quieter roadside turnouts.  We decided to leave the Falls for another less crowded day.

    A great day, after all. We did find our semi-private property in a turnout around milepost 5. Our four footed friend, Rogen swam with us, and there were few people around. I'm pretty sure, with a little bit of planning, even on a hot day like today, you can still find a bit of shade, a cool place to dip your toes and peaceful solace if your willing to explore or trust Siri. 


    Quick trip to Prineville Reservior

    Quick trip to Prineville Reservior


    It’s Memorial Day weekend and the weather forecast is looking optimistic in Oregon! We decide, like every other Portlander, to escape the city for a long weekend camping trip, pack a LBR Explore Oregon hoodie and hit the road. Within 15 miles, in either direction, we have hundreds of destinations and paths to choose. We head east and travel through a twisted highway lined with pointed firs, into Central Oregon. About 10 miles outside of Prineville and near one of the state’s best lakes is an outdoor mecca complete with camping sites, cabin rentals, fishing and water recreation. We post our "tent" and partake in some of the favorite things to do at Prineville Reservoir State Park.


    R&R Along the Reservoir
    Set within the rolling desert foothills, the reservoir offers a breathtaking panorama of Central Oregon’s stunning scenery on a large lake that hosts bass, trout and crappie alike. The water level is best during late spring/early summer and drops in late August. Prepare for stunning sunsets with pinks, purples, oranges and blues. There are many ways to get your boat into the reservoir and plenty of room for swimming, fishing and kayaking. With no speed limit on the reservoir, it’s an ideal place for recreational water sports including water skiing, tubing and jet skiing. Block the sun with a LBR Explore Pacific Wonderland trucker hat!

    Crooked River Canyon Scenic Bikeway
    While the drive through the Crooked River Canyon is considerably simpler, it’d be a disservice for avid bikers to leave out the new scenic bikeway. This 37 mile out-and-back ride begins at Rimrock Park and starts off flat and easy.  As the path begins to narrow, you are squeezed in a rocky canyon, while taking in views of subtle color changes within the rock formation. The trail drops you into another valley of breathtaking rock formations and large trees. The River runs alongside the path to deep caverns. Suddenly the path takes an abrupt climb as you enter the turnaround with just 20 miles to go to reach the end of the route. The view at Big Bend Campground is possibly one of the most thrilling experiences of biking anywhere in Oregon, overlooking the river and numerous rock formations of varying color and shapes. Check out this LBR Night Rider t-shirt for the occasion!

    Waking Up to Wildlife
    Within the campgrounds of the Prineville Reservoir State Park and amongst its magnificent visual beauty, are the sounds and sights of wildlife. During the day, be on the lookout for chipmunks, deer, jackrabbits and eagles. Wake up in the early morning hours to softly singing songbirds. After laying your head down to sleep, prepare to be awakened by coyotes, owls and Canadian geese. Be sure to wear your hiking shoes when walking along the campgrounds as there are a number of side trails and moderate rocky hills to climb and catch glimpses of wildlife. You should most-definitely take a LBR tote for your snacks, camera and everything you need :)

    5 Billion Star Hotel
    The night sky soars above the campground, offering a spectacular view of the celestial world above us. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Prineville Reservoir gives access to a few large telescopes on Saturday Nights. Every year in May the State Park holds an annual star party to kick off the summer season. Within the observatory, you can gaze into the clear sky and view planets sharing the night with clusters of stars and galaxies without the obtrusion of light pollution.  This year, Jupiter dominates the night sky and leaves you with a celestial experience not to be missed.

    2018 Oregon Bigfoot Festival

    2018 Oregon Bigfoot Festival

    Muscular build, dark-brown hairy body, and an ape-like bipedal creature roaming the Pacific Northwest characterizes the world’s famous wild man. While Bigfoot has been documented, photographed, and extensively written about, Oregon’s Bigfoot festival pulls back the curtain on a surprising world that many wouldn’t associate with this famous great ape. Don’t miss the chance to see colorful renditions of the Sasquatch dotted with the love of outdoors, local community support and a presentation by Bigfoot researcher Cliff Barackman! Troutdale’s Glen Otto Park opens an unseen and unexpected degree of excitement to a legend that’s not particularly known for its social skills. Here are three reasons to head to this celebration of mystery and legend.

    Festival Fun!
    On August 18th, just outside of Portland in the city of Troutdale, the Glen Otto Park will host its 2nd annual Bigfoot celebration, an iconic nod to the Pacific Northwest’s heritage. This event celebrates the Pacific Northwest’s love affair with Bigfoot, who was first described and nicknamed in the 1830’s, opening a mysterious world of sightings, attacks, and hoaxes for almost two centuries. A suggested donation of $5 for adults and $2 for kids at entry to the Glen Otto park offers you a day at the beautiful river-front park, filled with playful exhibits, carnival style games and attractions, merchandise vendors and a number of food carts. You’ll find us at the Little Bay Root booth offering tees, hats, patches and pins for sale, such as our “Squatch Out” t-shirt, to commemorate this cultural experience.

    A Perfect Backdrop: The Glen Otto Community Park.
    Discover Bigfoot among friends and family in the beautiful outdoor wonderland of Glen Otto Park. The Sandy River floats through 6-acres of beautiful park grounds as kayakers and swimmers explore the best open beach within Troutdale’s park system. Just west of the park, opposite of the Sandy River, Beaver Creek enchants generations of swimmers and families indulging in the mainstem springs, picnic area, and outdoor beauty. Year-round, the park offers riverfront access, a children’s playground area and a meeting hall, while warm summer days offer a swimming beach with lifeguard on duty. Shade the sun with a LBR Sasquatch Preservation Society trucker hat!

    Become a Bigfoot expert at the Cliff Barackman Conference.
    For $35 a ticket, fans, followers, and faultfinders will flock to a conference held by celebrity and Bigfoot Researcher, Cliff Barackman as he presents his knowledge and research of Bigfoot. For over 2 decades, fully dedicated to his sasquatch field research, Cliff has gathered data supporting the hypothesis that an unidentified species of a great ape lives in North America. While much of his research has gained him notoriety in the Bigfoot community, his journey to finding Bigfoot has led him to be featured in several television series, including the History Channel’s “Monsterquest” and Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot”.  Often called upon for commentary on the sasquatch, he has admitted to many lies and falsifications of Bigfoot sightings over the years, including the infamous Georgia Bigfoot Hoax of 2008. Cliff is one of the world’s most dedicated researchers on the topic, with a sizable following, current findings that makes him undeniably the best host to a Bigfoot summer celebration. Proudly share your knowledge of Bigfoot to your friends with a LBR Globetrotter’s Guide to Bigfoot t-shirt!

    6 Reasons to Visit the Festival of Balloons

    6 Reasons to Visit the Festival of Balloons


    The Festival of Balloons is an expansive wonderland of hot air balloons in Tigard, Oregon. Established as a community celebration in 1987, the festivities cover the 79-acres of Cook Park, the largest park in the city. At sunrise, 20 balloons will tower over our heads and descend into the early morning sky. Tethered rides will be available after the launch and some balloons will return for the Night Glow after sunset. For any child-at-heart, foodie, and outdoor lover, seeing the Festival of Balloons is a trip worth taking. Put on your LBR Oregon Dreaming Rainbow t-shirt and check out these six reasons to visit this unforgettable celebration.

    Awesome Admission Price!
    The Festival of Balloons is a 3-day event. You can get your weekend pass early for just $8! Your weekend pass gets you unlimited access for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If bringing kids under 6, they get in for free! You have access to easy $8/day parking at the Tigard High School field, just a short walk to Cook Park. If biking to the event is an option, there will be an area to lock your bike for free at the main entrance! Arrive early on Friday and Saturday and you may have a chance to take a free tethered balloon ride, right after the balloon launch. The rides are available first come, first serve.

    Early Bird Catches the Balloon launch!
    Encourage a friend or special companion to wake up before the sun this one time a year to enjoy the beautiful sight. In the spirit of science, hot air balloons are not able to fly during the day due to unstable activity in the air. Particularly because the wind is dependent on the sun, hot air balloons can only fly when the angle of the sun creates the appropriate pockets of hot air and cool air. There are opportunities to enjoy the balloon spectacular at sunrise and approximately 2 hours prior to sunset. Bring your LBR colorful bird tote to store your camera to capture the event. Foodie Bonus: There will also be a pancake breakfast food cart for the early comers!

    Live Music & Rogue Beer
    The live music offering is so varied that there is something for every music lover. Blues lovers will enjoy Friday night’s performance by Norman Sylvester. Geno Michaels & SoulCity will bring soul and R&B flavor to Friday night before ending the night with country singer Chance McKinney. On Saturday afternoon, School of Rock will kick off the day, followed by Big Bad Beat, Pressure Point and 5 Guys Names Moe. For those that enjoy live music with a beer in hand, there will be 21+ access to a spacious beer garden offered from local brewery Rogue Ales. A LBR Beervana t-shirt is perfect for the occasion!

    Local Craft Vendors and Food Carts
    Not only a playground for foodies, the Festival of Balloons will have some of Oregon’s most beloved arts & craft vendors. A key characteristic of Oregon festivals is its untouched community support. These local businesses draw approximately 18,000 visitors over the weekend and provides an opportunity for vendors to sell their art and support the community at the same time. There are interactive stations for kids with innovative minds to create their own art. Squatch Out for the Little Bay Root booth and scoop up some of our latest designs!

    Cars and Carnies!
    Car lovers and carnies alike will enjoy a plethora of entertaining events. On Sunday, car enthusiasts will enjoy the Festival of Cars, presented by Landmark Ford Lincoln. Stick around for the Festival of Cars Award Ceremony. For those seeking a thrill, you can purchase a $35 unlimited carnival rides pass for the entire weekend! From games to rides, as well as an eating contest, there will be plenty of fun to go around. Other attractions include the Saturday morning youth soccer tournament and a Twilight 5k run/walk including a kid’s mile dash.

    Night Glow at Dusk
    At dusk, balloons will fire up on the ground of the field for an unforgettable sight.  It’s recommended that you bring chairs and blankets to relax with your loved ones surrounded by the peaceful glow of the balloons. Enjoy music, dinner, beer and wine under the stars. Grab your matching LBR Oregon is for Lovers t-shirt for men and women. Or continue through the festival, to enjoy delicious foods and ride the Ferris wheel. While our lives will constantly evolve and the people around us will change, by being an engaged community member, we can secure a positive outlook for generations ahead.