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Oregon Beach Bunny | Sticker

Oregon Beach Bunny | Sticker

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Our exclusive Oregon Beach Bunny sticker gives back by donating a portion of the proceeds to Rabbit Advocates, a Portland Oregon rabbit rescue. Get one of the best views of the sun setting over the Pacific with the silhouette of two lovers, and give back to the rescue community at the same time.

• 4"W x 2"H
• Durable weather-resistant vinyl
• Rated to last outdoors for up to 7 years

Why domesticated rabbits need your help.
Domesticated rabbits were bred to be companions to humans, as opposed to wild rabbits. Wild rabbits don't get more than a couple of pounds in weight and have slender faces and long slender legs and love being outside. A rabbit in any other color, like white or black or tan or gray, it is definitely a domestic rabbit. Domestic rabbits end up in the wild for many reasons from abandonment, mismanagement, to escaping, but however they got there, the odds are against them in the wild. A bunny is unlikely to survive if released into the wild. Generations of domestication have caused our pet rabbits to lose the sharp wild instincts that give them a chance at survival. Their brains do not respond to dangers the same way that a wild rabbit does. This is where Rabbit Advocates comes in.

About Rabbit Advocates.
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt helps fund Rabbit Advocates (RA); a licensed Animal Rescue and a fully registered 501(c)(3) organization. RA’s mission is to promote the welfare of domestic rabbits that have escaped from their homes, been abandoned or otherwise ended up on the streets. After a heroic recuse being surrendered, a full set of care awaits the lucky RA rabbit. Spaying, neutering, vaccinations and sometimes emergency surgeries. Some of these animals arrive in terrible condition, we’ve seen our share here. 

LBR fosters.

We started partnering with Rabbit Advocates during the start of the pandemic as a way to not only help out bunnies find forever homes, but become part of a larger community of bunny-lovers. After a couple of years of fostering, a big 12 lb Morgan found his forever home with us, and was an ambassador at the Lan Su Chinese garden in Portland to celebrate the year of the rabbit recently. We still make time to foster and are currently fostering a Flemish giant, who just wants to be held. So lovable…and came from a tiny grated cage sitting out in the rain. Anyone would be lucky to have this lady in their life!

Do your homework.
Rabbits are lovable, smart, energetic, cuddly and hilarious companions. They are even easily littler trainable, which is key when you have a house rabbit, right? But they are a handful of lovin’. They chew. They love wires, especially expensive wires. You should really learn more through the expects at Rabbit Advocates! Or consider fostering, a great way to help!


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