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Bend Squatch | Knit Beanie

Bend Squatch | Knit Beanie

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Discover our Bend Squatch beanie, celebrating those who adore Oregon’s unofficial mascot, Bigfoot, or rather Sasquatch, as we locals refer to him.

Introducing the ultimate beanie for all you adventurous souls out there! With an abundance of Bigfoot sightings in beautiful Bend, Oregon, this beanie is not just a fashion statement - it's practically a secret handshake with Sasquatch himself. Yes, folks, we've got insider info straight from our team of experts that Bigfoot loves to admire a good-looking beanie when he's hiding in the woods! Available in an array of captivating colors including gray, brown, navy, royal blue, orange, kelly green or cardinal heather because hey - why blend into nature when you can stand out like the enigmatic creature itself? Designed with love right here in Oregon (the land where Sasquatch feels most at home), this one-of-a-kind knit beanie will keep you cozy during those frosty winter months. Not only does it make heads turn on rugged trails but also adds some pizzazz while tackling mundane errands around town. Made from 100% acrylic material specially chosen for its durability and longevity - trust us when we say this little gem will stick by your side through thick and thin. Featuring a versatile design with adjustable coverage thanks to its 12-inch-long turn cuff structure which ensures snug warmth without compromising comfort. You'll feel like royalty strolling through forests or hitting up local haunts wearing this LBR original masterpiece. But wait...there's more! By owning this remarkable piece of headwear artistry meticulously crafted by an incredible Oregonian duo who pour their heart and soul into making micro-magic happen every step of the way; know that supporting their dream means supporting local talent thriving against all odds. So whether you're prepping for your next exhilarating outdoor expedition or simply yearning to feel the enchanting presence of Sasquatch in your life, this beanie is calling out to you. Don't let this opportunity slip away - embrace the allure and unleash your inner adventurer today!

Choose from gray, brown, navy, royal, orange, kelly or cardinal heather.

  • Stay warm and stylish during chilly Oregon winters with our one-of-a-kind knit beanie designed here in Oregon
  • The embroidered patch adds a touch of seamless sophistication to your outdoor look
  • This 100% acrylic beanie is durable and long lasting
  • Perfect for exploring the great outdoors or running errands around town, this beanie will keep you cozy all day long
  • 12-inch long turn cuff beanie provides adjustable coverage
  • One size fits most
  • An LBR original design, and supports an Oregon micro-company of two

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